About WalletBe® Wholesale


Wholesale Leather and Croco Wallets for Men and Women

Our Men’s and Women’s Wholesale Wallet Program allows resellers to participate in the success of WalletBe™. One in 300 Americans now owns a WalletBe™ and we are offering you the chance to participate in our success by becoming a WalletBe™ wallet reseller.

For years, WalletBe™ has been a top retailer of men’s and women’s leather wallets, croco wallets, clutch purses and accessories. We design and market products that are fun, functional and fashionable. Each of our wallets and accessories is compact yet smartly designed to fit your essential lifestyle items.

By participating in our Wholesale Wallet Program, resellers can save up to 78% off of our retail prices.

Want to become a WalletBe™ Wholesale customer?

If you would like to join the wholesale program, please contact us at customersupport@walletbe.com. The Walletbe™ Wholesale program gives special discounts to our wholesale partners. Join Today!

The WalletBe™ Wholesale program is open to anyone interested in selling official WalletBe products in their own store. For more information on becoming a WalletBe™ Wholesale customer, feel free to call us at: (916) 684-1051.

About WalletBe®

You won’t find a more functional wallet system than WalletBe™. Most of our unique wallets are made of 100% Italian leather to look great, keep their shape and stand up to your busy lifestyle. Essential for the every day, functional wallets from WalletBe are also incredibly durable and uniquely designed to weather long-distance travel. Our unique wallets dress up a suit or work well with jeans and a top – they look great on every occasion! Buy a WalletBe™ wallet and treat yourself to a luxurious wallet for a great price. Or, find gift ideas for family members, loved ones and co-workers – our functional wallets make the perfect present for holidays, birthdays or any occasion. Browse our wide selection of men’s wallets, women’s wallets and uniquely designed wallets for both men and women.

Dimo Gear LLC has been providing innovative lifestyle wallets to the leather goods industry for over a decade. Our company was created to develop practical wallet systems that are simple, convenient, compact, yet functional. However, we are also very fashion-minded with designers in Italy developing the next trends in leather and color. All WalletBe™ designs are personally designed by the founder and CEO, Jim Dimataris.

Founded in 2002, Dimo Gear was launched via a national product search for a major television shopping channel. The WalletBe™ was chosen from over 900 items for the unique style and functionality of our men’s and women’s line and has been a hit ever since. While still occasionally seen on national television, we can also be found in catalogs and specialty retail stores.

Dimo Gear LLC wallets are sold under the WalletBe™ brand, standing for compactness, efficiency and useful pouches in our products. The logo bears a “wallaby” to signify these features.

WalletBe™ offers a wide variety of women’s wallets, most featuring our hallmark accordion card design, superior to conventional wallets, while our men’s line is probably the slimmest, most functional wallet available for its size.

Dimo Gear LLC products are designed in the USA and manufactured in Asia under strict quality control guidelines. Our Vice President of Quality Assurance resides in Asia to oversee all manufacturing operations insuring products are made to our strict specifications. While produced in Asia, our factories have adopted a European (Italian) style of manufacturing, adding additional stations to the production line for greater detail in stitching and assembly.

Customer Service
Customer Service is our number one job and concern at Dimo Gear LLC. All products are unconditionally guaranteed. You will find our service to be among the best you will receive from an online purchase – with products usually delivered within 4-5 days of your order. Our customer service is friendly and expedient – making sure you (our valued customer) are fully satisfied with your puchase(s).